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Get Insights From Your Data

Data Analytics Consulting

We are Data Analytics experts, and we have been adding value to our clients’ businesses by deriving insights from data for years. We use modern analytics and data engineering processes to unlock the data hidden in your systems, model it explicitly for your business, and create insights that help drive your business forward.

Ingest Data From Anywhere

Data lives in every nook and cranny of your business. We can help you consolidate every data source into a 360° view of your organisation. Even the smallest businesses have many sources of data; whether it is user behavior from your website, marketing and sales intelligence from your CRM system, or financial data from your accounts team.

Trust Your Data Sources

Your decisions are only as good as the information you use to make them. If data quality is not a priority in your business you run the risk of making bad choices. We ensure that your data is integrated, modeled and tested so that you know the KPIs you rely on to run your business are accurate and meaningful.

Visualize Your Data With Tableau

tableau dashboards and data visualisation

We’re Tableau Experts

Tableau is our favourite data visualisation and dashboarding tool. We love how simple it is to create meaningful dashboards from any data source, whether it is a database in the cloud, your own data warehouse or even a local spreadsheet.

We know you will love it too; we can get you started with Tableau, create new reports and dashboards and help train your team to get powerful insights from your data.

Tableau Server Administration

Insights from data can only add value to your organisation when you share them. We can help you compliment your Tableau Desktop work with Tableau Server, communicating your important metrics to your team, your customers, or the rest of the world.

We’ve spent years optimising data extracts for Tableau Server, so we know exactly how to get the most value out of your dashboards.

Tableau Online Experts

If you don’t want to support your own infrastructure, we can help you get going on Tableau Online, or migrate your data from Tableau Server to Tableau Online.

Learn From Your Customers

google analytics implementation

Web Analytics Implementation

We have carried out many web analytics implementations; from small business blogs to SAAS applications with hundreds of thousands of users. Each implementation is explicitly tuned to the needs of an individual business. We help you decide what is important to measure to best optimize your business, and then implement fast, user-focused, GDPR compliant tracking that helps you get the best from your website or app.

Web Analytics Insights and Reporting

We’ll enrich the data you receive from your web analytics platform with your internal data sources to get you a holistic view of your customers and their behaviour. We will help you derive impactful insights about your customers that will help you make the right decisions to improve your bottom line.

Increase The Value Of Your Data

Data Warehousing Consulting

We help increase the value of your data, so everything you need is one place; documented so you know what it describes, and tested so you know you are making the right decision.

Business Focused Data Marts

We design data warehouses and data marts that accurately describe your business processes so that your data is available, timely, and reliable. You will always be sure that the KPI in your dashboard actually measures what you think it measures.

Analytics Engineering With dbt

Data has to be transformed and aggregated so your reporting is accurate. We use dbt (Data Build Tool), a SQL based development environment, to ensure that all data transformations are testable, version controlled and documented.

Discover Agile Data Development


Agile Data Engineering

We’ve spent years managing Data Engineering and software development through Agile processes. Whether it is helping your team adopt Scrum or Kanban workflows, introducing version control or simply adopting better documentation, we can help your teams work more efficiently, become more productive, improve your data quality and work on what is important.

Seamless ETL with Airflow

We’re experts in designing data pipelines with Airflow, a Python workflow orchestration tool. That means repeatable, testable data ingestion processes that just work. We help you move data seamlessly through your organization to the people who most need it. Then we optimize and monitor your processes for iterative improvement.

World Class Analytics Infrastructure

We can help you get your analytics infrastructure up to world class levels, or we can build and manage it for you in the cloud.

What Our Customers Say About Us

"Pivotal in helping us transform Safari into a much more data-driven company."

Peter Collingridge, VP Product, Safari Books Online

"Defined and drove the vision for moving the team from a back office data services group to a strategic data science and engineering organization"

Zachary Campau, Director Product Management, Stonecrop Technologies

Our Principles

It’s no longer good enough to have the most important information about your business locked up in a laptop on an analyst’s spreadsheet.

We believe that creating real value from your business data requires dedication and discipline, and data and analytics teams can learn much from the world of DevOps and traditional software engineering.

Your business is best served when we follow these principles: