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CI/CD for DBT and Google Big Query Using Azure Pipelines

Create continuous deployment for your Big Query data warehouse using dbt and Azure Pipelines.

Run dbt Tests on Your Models Automatically On Commit

dbt tests are the best(s), but it always seemed to be something that I would have to remind my team to perform before they committed their changes to the repo. Using the pre-commit framework, it’s a simple matter to make tests a requirement to a commit.


No, Coding Is Required

Today, the simplest, most effective way to manage data is with code. Anyone can learn it. ‘No coding required’ should no longer be a value-add.

Our Principles

Data Quality Is Paramount

Data quality underpins everything we do. Well-designed, fast analytics systems using the shiniest of new technologies are worse than useless if the data that moves through them isn’t an accurate representation of reality. A commitment to good design, testing, and monitoring at every level not only ensures that your insights are real and useful, but also allows you to move faster and add value.

Understanding Your Data Is In Every Employee’s Job Description

We believe that working with data shouldn’t be limited to data teams and analysts; understanding data should be in every employee’s job description.

Creating a Data Strategy

Before you commit to any new data technology or product, create a data strategy. It can be as simple as writing down your business goals on a sheet of paper.